Phantom Limbs Video
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Excerpted from an article by Liz Kotz from "The Museum of California", a publication of the Oakland Museum, May/June 1990.

photo: Harro Bode
text and photo describing phantom limbs"In his live performances, Haynes has played with the range of sensual effects he can create, incorporating smell, touch and physical vibration as well as images and sound. Walking around with a portable camera mounted on his shoulder, Haynes tinkers with and explores the scavenged materials, contraptions, and devices assembled in his installations. Pre-recorded video images are combined with live footage as different layers of experience are presented simultaneously.
At one of Haynes' performances, you can smell the meat sizzle and the bourbon dribble onto the burner, or walk on bedsprings miked for sound that musically reproduce your movements. these two rapidly cut and rhythmically edited videos offer a more linear journey through his industrial landscape, a fantasy territory of basement science experiments and late-night escapes, where mechanical tinkering becomes a pleasure in itself."

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Video Tape

"Living Room Festival," Arnhem, Netherlands, 1988.

"Endurance Spectacle," Artspace Annex, San Francisco, California, 1989.
"Video Refuses Festival," Life on the Water, San Francisco, California, 1988.
"Hot Box Series," Artist's Television Access, San Francisco, California, 1988.